A Deeply Personal Cautionary Tale

(This Story Isn’t Just About Me – It’s About You, Too.)

Up until now, I led a VERY BIG LIFE.

Careers as varied as 4th grade teacher, flight attendant, interior architect and designer, photographer, nationally certified massage therapist and instructor, TV actress, model, top-grossing commission salesperson for three different companies, sales manager, global all-volunteer nonprofit founder and builder of a primary school in Uganda free to AIDS orphans and children of prisoners, holistic wellness educator and shop owner, national meeting planner, professional proofreader, etc.

Moved 32 times in 63 years, living in nine U.S. states and the Bahamas.

Traveled to 49 states and many countries around the world speaking three languages, earned a private pilot’s license at age 25, am the published author of two books, have been a professional calligrapher for over 40 years, sang in coffeehouses and a rock/pop band, earned two college degrees, (plus a certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University in my 50’s), and have been a loving Mom to several wonderful dogs.

Accrued a wonderful variety of lovers and friends along the way, too, including a number of famous actors, rock stars, presidential politicians, and other celebrities.

So it is more than a little ironic that I now find myself at age 63 living alone in the woods deep in the Smoky Mountains with my sweet rescue pup, surviving under the poverty level on early Social Security, far from any friends and family.

How did this happen? Two words – wireless technology.

It all started well over 20 years ago in Santa Rosa, CA, when I noticed I just felt “off.” I chalked it up to overwork, a stressful marriage, and not enough sleep.

The strange thing was, though, that whenever I would visit beloved friends two hours away in remote Rumsey, CA, or walked the beach in a remote area of the Pacific Ocean, or walked through the natural redwood cathedral of Armstrong Woods – even just for an hour or two – I would feel amazing.

Alive, youthful, filled with energy.

Back home again, not so much. I simply chalked that up to Nature’s healing energy – not realizing that all three areas had no cell phone towers within many miles.

In 2009, figuring it was solely due to overwork and ongoing stress in my marriage, I could feel my body shutting down. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong except for degenerative arthritis in L4, L5, and S1 in my spine. They all said it was incurable and would have me in a wheelchair soon.

My pallor was gray, I had zero energy, I was losing weight like crazy, (not in a good way), and I knew I was not well at all. (Years later neighbors told me they had started a prayer circle for me as they were so sure I was going to die any minute.)

Through one of my massage clients I learned about a brilliant naturopath named Jim, who is also an orthomolecular nutritionist and bioenergetic wellness consultant. Jim uses a combination of darkfield microscopis, homeoenergetic, and bioresonance testing techniques to determine exactly what your body needs to heal. He has been saving the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of people at death’s door for decades, and I credit him with saving mine – three times over the last eleven years.

Sure enough, Jim’s specialized testing showed that four of my organs were shutting down, including my ability to assimilate nutrients from food. It took a very long time – years of rebuilding – but through his natural methods I could function again.

Most amazingly, within the first three months of working with Jim, all my degenerative arthritis and pain from it over the previous ten years completely disappeared!!!

Not even a trace of it to be found on X-rays, which doctors said was impossible… but then, most doctors trained in America only get three hours of nutrition in seven years of medical school, using textbooks funded by pharmaceutical companies.

That’s not even half a day of nutrition class, and in that class they learn the food pyramid, which is all wrong. So most do not know how to heal patients naturally from the inside out, often using side-effect laden drugs instead to help – but often not cure – from the outside in.

During this time I was working on computers all day long at my job, and then for hours more at home working on my Uganda school each night. A huge electrical transformer sat on a pole at the end of our one-car-length driveway. Three huge electrical towers stared down at our back yard. Our Wi-Fi router sat on a shelf directly above my head as I typed away.

At my random appointments with Jim he was now telling me I was showing signs of too many EMFs (electric and magnetic fields from technology, cell towers, “Smart” meters, Wi-Fi, etc.) affecting my body. I found that hard to believe, so I ignored that part and kept doing everything I did with technology anyway.

In 2011, I suddenly had Stage 2 breast cancer. After testing, doctors immediately wanted to do chemo and surgery.

Instead, I contacted Jim again. Through taking his daily suggestion of liquid zeolite and fresh organic wheatgrass juice both internally and externally, massaging my breasts with the mixture out to the axillary nodes, I could feel the quarter-size lump getting smaller every day.

In only three weeks my cancer was totally gone, never to return.

Working with Jim was teaching me so much more than I already knew about natural healing… yet I still ignored his continued comments that EMFs were a major cause of all health issues for me now.

[Sidebar: I have always honored my body – never smoked, been vegetarian since age 16, have not taken any medications in over 40 years, (except four baby aspirin once – more on that later), rarely drink any alcohol, eat clean, organic, non-GMO meals, don’t use any toxic cleaning chemicals or body products, and my only beverages are pure water and the occasional organic herbal tea. When I get the extremely rare cold, I use herbal remedies that work quickly and effectively. I have never had a flu shot, and I never get the flu.]

As the product of divorced parents, I never wanted to be divorced. I tried my best in my roller-coaster fifteen-year marriage, but one afternoon an incident occurred where I knew I could no longer stay.

During the ensuing traumatizing divorce and in a very fragile state that included fracturing my tailbone in a fall as I was in the final stages of packing, I moved in 2013 to Austin, TX… into a neighborhood with many homes placed close together on small lots.

I began having terrible insomnia issues, recurring headaches, shortness of breath, and pretty severe heart arrhythmia. Did a heart stress test wearing wacky devices for three days, but cardiologists at the best hospital around couldn’t pinpoint why this was happening.

So I chalked it up to the divorce, the move, starting all over in a new city with very little income, and feeling alone, even though I moved there to be near my very busy family. I ignored the fact that there were “smart” meters on my home and all the myriad homes nearby with “smart” meters talking to each other with radiation 24/7… and there were a number of cell towers nearby as well.

Jim tested me, (he can test long-distance by phone), and said that along with limbic system stress-related issues, I was showing worse effects of far too many EMFs. He urged me to drastically reduce my exposure.

As I still didn’t want to believe it and loved my wireless devices, I did not listen.

A year after moving to Austin, I reconnected with my college sweetheart Jon, and we decided to try again. He had children and I didn’t, so I made the move to his home in upstate NY near Syracuse.

Initially I moved into Jon’s apartment, and immediately started feeling worse than I felt in Austin. The heart arrhythmia became more pronounced, I started getting regular nosebleeds, my eyes became overly sensitive to light, I developed severe insomnia, had shortness of breath, memory loss, felt anxious much of the time, and the chemical sensitivities I had experienced for decades went through the roof. This all was especially true in the many cold months of winter, when I was indoors so much of the time.

Again I chalked it all up to the stress of moving, living in a much colder climate, the cigarette smoke from the downstairs neighbor, and just getting older as I was now in my late 50’s. Yet when Jim checked me again, he said my EMF levels were even worse still. His statement that the nearby cell towers and high amounts of “smart” meters in our apartment building and all the nearby buildings on the property were extremely harmful made sense to me now.

Jon and I looked for another place to live, and wound up building a house together in a more rural area.

Ultimately there would be 63 homes in the development, and ours was the fifth house to be built. I started feeling better immediately upon moving in, even though I still had some headaches, some insomnia, and some chemical and light sensitivity.

Yet now I had more energy, I could breathe better, the nosebleeds disappeared, my heart arrhythmia was only sporadic now, and my memory started returning.

The first two years there were pretty good, and even testing with Jim saw an improvement, although he could still see continued EMF damage.

During this time I created and manifested a long-time dream – owning a highly vetted natural wellness product/book/art boutique based on my “The Power of Know – 30 Days of All Natural Ways to Heal Mind, Body, and Spirit” book I had written while living in Texas.

I named my shop “Soul Soothings,” and sunk my life savings and then some into it. My plan was to grow it for ten years, and then sell it and/or franchise it as a nest egg when I turned 70 for my golden years.

The location I chose was perfect – only ten minutes from home with a stream out back, great landlords, and wonderful neighbors in the tiny attractive strip mall where it was located.

I ignored the fact that it was only one block from a cell tower, and there were many “smart” meters attached to the building. I put in a wireless security system, wireless Square checkout stand, did all my work on a wireless laptop, accented the shop with soft New Age music from a wireless system, and used a landline phone with wireless handset.

Once again, I didn’t listen to Jim, who said upon testing me shortly after I opened Soul Soothings that my EMF levels were so high now I had full blown EHS – Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome – and was literally playing Russian Roulette with my life. Please know this is not a man known for drama. He simply speaks what his tests reveal.

(EHS is a recognized disease in various parts of the world. Sweden even gives disability payments for it, yet America is still not fully aware of EHS and how many millions are suffering in some way from it.)

I didn’t listen to Jim’s dire warning because I was SO happy in my shop – helping my customers, many of whom became good friends. I was even doing regular three-hour wellness consultations after hours, sitting with clients well into the evenings in my Soul Soothings EMF soup.

At this point most of the 63 homes where Jon and I lived were now built, with an additional housing development of many more homes erected across the main road from us – all with “smart” meters talking wirelessly 24/7 to any other meters within a two mile radius.

Perhaps worst of all, a huge state-of-the-art multi-million dollar fire station was now up and running a block from our home. The amount of electrical fields emanating from newer fire and police stations are astronomical.

Then, on September 21, 2016, my world changed forever.

It started out as a day like any other. Went to work, placed some orders, and greeted my first customer, a “regular.” There was a lovely sitting area in the shop where I often served free organic herbal tea to those who wanted some. People loved to sit and talk about their health issues with me in the comfortable chairs.

This particular customer and I were seated there chatting when I suddenly felt a very strange and alarming sensation – one I had never felt before in my life. Something was terribly wrong. I asked my customer if she would please drive me to the Urgent Care five minutes away.

As I was losing feeling in my arms, legs, and jaw, I somehow wrote a “closed” sign for the front door, turned everything off, and locked up the shop.

Racing into the Urgent Care, I said, “I think I am having a heart attack.”

They dropped everything to do some quick tests, and whatever they saw had them immediately call an ambulance, where I was rushed to a hospital 30 minutes away. Oxygen was up my nose, those four baby aspirin I mentioned earlier were shoved down my throat, and a very nice EMT was telling me to “hold on.”

The next 30+ hours at the hospital were a nightmare of non-stop noise, no sleep, no food, pain, and batteries of inconclusive tests. Eventually I was sent home when they said they could find nothing wrong with me.

From that point forward, after two days of total immersion in non-stop massive amounts of EMFs at the hospital, things went from bad to much, much worse.

1. I now had 24/7 searing pain that felt like sharp knives endlessly slicing through my brain.

2. I could rarely feel my legs.

3. My heart was having scary palpitations and I often could see my heart pounding out of my chest – even when lying down.

4. I felt off balance most of the time, like I was leaning to the left when upright.

5. I couldn’t sign my name or write legibly any more without massive concentration, and often several tries.

6. I had to search for words when speaking, or have ones I was not even thinking of come out of my mouth in conversations.

7. I had to lie down many times during the day, as my energy levels were about 20%.

8. I was having truly scary vision issues where suddenly the whole world or a big part of it would go a shade of brown or bright pink, and it would last for hours.

9. I felt like I was being strangled to death 24/7 with a 600 pound concrete weight around my neck.

10. My multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) were constant and debilitating, often exacerbating the headaches.

11. My insomnia was almost nightly. Sleep was the most precious thing in my life now, when it would happen.

12. I would have frequent moments where I would suddenly feel like I was going to pass out, and then had to run like a gazelle to the bathroom.

13. I was not assimilating nutrients from my foods again, was turning gray, and dropping weight.

14. I felt like I was being electrocuted and fried from within all the time… well, all the time except at one place.

About 40 minutes from home was a magical little state park with no cell towers within miles, no homes nearby, and rarely any visitors. Every time I would go there, I would feel like Kathy again. Within 20 minutes or so of being there, my symptoms would totally disappear, my energy would return, and I would actually feel happy!

Needless to say, I went there as often as possible, and credit it with keeping me alive during this crazy time.

The two years following my visit to the hospital are a bit of a blur, as I somehow continued to function in my shop with all of the symptoms above happening. I was going to my special park often, but would have to stay longer and longer periods to get any relief.

After many more hours on that wireless laptop I also opened an online version of Soul Soothings so I could bring my carefully vetted products to all of America.

At the same time I was calling Jim every couple of weeks to help keep me going. Yet I continued to ignore his warnings, even though he was now pleading with me to get away from where I was living and working.

I just didn’t see how I could ever do that. I had created a life in NY – one that I wanted to continue.

Then, in late 2017, feeling positively horrific, Jim tested me and said I had unfortunately reached an EMF tipping point… and if I didn’t move away from any cell towers and humanity NOW, I most likely had only four months left to live.

He said had I not been such a conscious, organic, healthy eater I would have died long ago from all the EMF abuse, but now there was no getting around what was happening to me except to leave.

Two and half years in at my shop I was on track to do $100,000 in sales in 2018 – all by myself with no employees, in a very small town. After years of hard work I was finally going to be able to significantly pay down some of the shop’s massive start-up costs. I could even see light at the end of the tunnel where I would one day also be able to take a salary!

Yet this time, with every cell in my body breaking down, I knew Jim was right. I immediately put my beloved shop up for sale, and wished I had listened to him years ago.

It was winter in upstate NY, I was only able to function at Soul Soothings sporadically so kept having to close it, (not good for business), and still had a six month lease.

Many people wanted to buy the shop, but even when I dropped it to a rock bottom price, for various reasons – i.e. needing to suddenly care for a parent who had taken ill – the deals would fall through.

I was selling physical product, furniture, office supplies – everything – as quickly as I could for whatever I could, and took a HUGE loss resulting in massive debt that I may never be able to completely pay off in my lifetime. I was able to sell my online store at a reduced price to a wonderful woman who renamed it Everybody’s Basics, so that was one small blessing.

Meanwhile, I had to somehow find a new place to live when I could barely walk at this point. I was needing to lie down often each day, and my cognitive skills were almost non-functional.

Jon and I decided to remain friends, but go our separate ways. He wanted to help me get situated, and kindly drove me to a eco-friendly rental house deep in the Smoky Mountains. I would have exactly five days to try to find a new home.

(Jim had said my best chance for survival was to find a remote place in the woods nestled between mountains as far as possible from humanity. He said not to look at places on top of any hills or mountains where cell tower waves could easily travel. It needed to be a place with little to no cell service, and have a metal roof to help protect from the coming 5G satellites. I knew the beauty and healing energy of the Smokies from previous travels, and as it is a good central location in the U.S. for visitors, I chose there out of the 48 states.)

I closed my shop for a week, and Jon, my dog, and I drove there. Jon then rented a car the next day and drove to see his sister in a neighboring state for a few days.

What happened next is nothing short of a miracle. Two miracles, actually.

Before leaving, I had found a real estate agent in the area I was interested in, and we had been communicating online. I had been looking at literal shacks on my computer. This was due to the realities that I had almost no money, and no way to make a living in the world anymore since virtually all buildings and vehicles now have Wi-Fi and using a computer had become nearly impossible for me.

In four more months I would be able to get Social Security, which would put me living under the poverty level with no way to afford any rent. Jon said he would help me pay for food in the few months between now and then.

One day my agent sent me a photo of a darling little cabin with the words: “If you could just get some more money, you could get this little house.”

The second the photo appeared in front of my eyes, I knew it was my home. I had no clue how I was going to afford it, even though in relative terms of a home purchase it was not a huge amount of money.

Through Jim’s suggestion, before leaving on my trip I splurged out of necessity on an expensive electro-magnetic RF meter to be able to tell if a home was safe for me, if there were cell towers nearby, etc. (In my opinion, everyone should have one of these: Model #ESI 24 at $280.00 Scroll down on that page to find it.)

My real estate agent wanted me to first go alone to the homes we had picked with the meter, so as not to waste his time if they were not viable. We were scheduled to meet the third day of my five days.

The end of the second day while at one of the awful potential shack homes, an inner voice told me to check my cell phone. There was an email from my agent saying he was in the hospital, would not be able to meet with me at all, and good luck with my search. I looked down at the real estate sign at the home where I was, and called the agent listed on it.

Miracle #1 is a wonderful woman named Devon answered, and she worked tirelessly from that moment on to help me.

Miracle #2 is that once she and I saw the delightful cabin I knew was mine, yet had no way to pay for it it, (being part trailer there was no financing allowed), I received a phone call from a beloved friend who is more than a little intuitive.

She simply said, “You are dying, aren’t you? I feel you.” I said, “Yes,” and she asked how she could help me.

Thanks to her incredible kindness, to Jon, (he purchased my collection of quality furniture from my interior design days), and cashing in my small 401K, I now live in my precious little cabin – my “pretty prison,” as I call it.

I would not be alive today nor able to hold on to my home without the loving help from these angels on earth… along with another wonderful friend who has checked in with me every single day since my move, and three special family members. I am forever grateful to these caring, beautiful souls.

Most of my family during this time thought I was crazy – some still do. They offered to send me to a psychiatrist instead of helping me find what I so desperately needed to stay alive – a safe place to live.

I mention this because studies have shown that over 50% of EHS sufferers commit suicide. This is due to the physical pain, the loss of so much joy and ability to do work they love because every aspect of the wireless world is now harmful to them, the financial loss in having to quit jobs just to try to stay alive with no way to make money to survive, and, perhaps most of all, the heart-wrenching emotional pain of not being understood by loved ones and being told “it is all in your head.”

This quote sums up the feeling of all EHS sufferers: “It is good to be loved. It is profound to be understood.” ~ Portia de Rossi

People with EHS and MCS often look OK on the outside, and have learned to manage and smile through incredible pain when they would prefer to be screaming, so others may find it difficult to believe anything is critically wrong. In our weakness, EHS/MCS sufferers are some of the strongest people on earth.

I always say if people could spend just one day in my body, they would never again question the veracity of EHS.

To make the move, I drove my car with my sweet rescue pup “Sunday,” and Jon drove a U-Haul with the belongings I had left. Fortunately, the little cabin came partly furnished, so I could leave a lot behind and travel much lighter. Jon would kindly stay a week to help me move in, do needed fixes to the cabin, build things, etc.

The drive to my pretty prison was harrowing, to say the least. It was filled with cell towers, pain, and exhaustion – and zero sleep for me in the EMF-filled hotel, as we left too late in the day to do it in one twelve hour shot. I still don’t know how I did it, as I was barely functional at this point.

The terror I felt one week later when Jon drove away for good was because at age 62 I was in a new, remote location far from any friends and family, I had very little strength left, I was so off-balance and still experiencing all the issues I had in NY, and I had only seen my little home for a total of about one hour during the previous trip.

I did not know if my neighbors would be kind and understanding about me, if there would be dangers in the woods around me, and if I would be able to survive the grocery store 30 minutes away. Then there is the fact that it is so awful for me to be in buildings with Wi-Fi, any medical needs for my pup Sunday and me are nearly impossible. I was also told by a neighbor if you call 911, it will take them about 40 minutes to arrive.

I have lived alone often in my life, but this was ALONE in a way I had never experienced.

All I could do was put one foot in front of the other every day. My love and responsibility for my Sunday pup and the local beauty I could capture with my camera kept me going, even as depression set in.

Both still do.

Even though doing so was hard, (and still is), I started posting once a day on Facebook so family and friends would know I am alive.

I have had to be more self-sufficient than at any other time in my life, and I have learned much since moving. Here is some of what I have learned:

* I now know who my true friends are.

* I have re-learned the joy of speaking on a landline corded phone instead of texting as a far deeper, more meaningful way to communicate.

* I, usually the Giver, have learned to ask for help – often – no matter how degrading… and have learned to receive.

* I have learned how to live in a tiny home on a very tiny budget.

* I have learned that all those years collecting “stuff” was a waste of money, and that very little is needed to truly live.

* Although often feeling crushed for being ridiculed or not believed about my EHS by certain friends and family members, I love them anyway and pray one day soon they will wake up to the dangers of wireless technology – especially the coming 5G – before it is too late.

* Other than with my sweet Sunday pup, I have spent my birthday alone, Thanksgiving alone, Christmas alone, and every other holiday alone with one exception. I have accepted that is just how things are now unless someone visits here or my life somehow dramatically changes.

* Prior to Covid-19, I was blessed with some short and sweet visits with wonderful friends and family members who traveled from FL, NY, AK, TX, NC, and WA, and I have met some lovely local people. Those visits really helped keep me going, and I can’t help but wonder now when they will be able to happen again.

* My world is now mostly one square mile that Sunday and I walk nearly every day. I have learned to appreciate even the smallest flower, weed, insect, leaf, and more in this constantly changing and beautiful mini-world.

* To try to lessen my grocery store visits, I have hand dug and planted an organic garden in stages, (according to my stamina levels), learning much in the process.

* I have had to be brave in ways never before needed, like the case of being in a Wi-Fi filled dental office for oral surgery, and the hour+ drive through cell towers to get there and back. (They had to cover me in those lead blankets used for x-rays so I didn’t feel like I was being electrocuted from within, and even with those, it was not pleasant.) I am deeply grateful to a kind neighbor who drove me home after that experience.

* In this little home I have had some of the highest highs I have ever had in my life, and some of the lowest lows. I have felt and continue to feel loneliness so deep that it aches.

* I have questioned my very existence. I have asked Source and all the higher powers what my purpose is now, and I am still waiting for an answer.

* I have learned to commune deeply with Nature, Mama Earth, and her creatures in ways that are so spiritual and beautiful it makes me weep. I now understand so much of what my Mother was trying to teach me throughout her life about how holy that communion can be.

* I have learned even deeper gratitude for those who keep bringing light into my life, no matter what they are dealing with… as we are ALL dealing with something. They inspire me. Mine is just one story of millions.

Even though I have lost so many freedoms I once enjoyed and often took for granted, it is an idyllic existence in many ways – one I wish all of you could experience. If you did, you would want to put down your cell phone once and for all, and that would be SO good for you!


As I complete this writing, it has been one year and eight months since The Big Move. Although consistently still experiencing good days and bad days, there have been many positive physical changes by moving to this safe space:

* No more razor blades continually slicing through my brain 24/7 – only sometimes now.

* No more 600 pound concrete weight crushing my neck 24/7 – only sometimes now.

* I can sign my name again, unless in a bank or other Wi-Fi building.

* My vision is pretty much restored with only occasional scary moments, and my heart is normal and healthy again.

* I feel upright when I walk most of the time.

* I can feel my legs again, except when I go to the grocery store, which is just about the only building I enter anymore, out of necessity. (No grocery deliveries where I live.) I run in, grab what I need as quickly as possible, and get out as quickly as possible.

* Rare dizziness, yet still almost always at the grocery store, where sometimes I have to stick my head in a freezer to not pass out.

* I have my memory back, for the most part.

* I am able to speak properly again, unless I have been to the town 30 minutes away driving through cell towers. On those days I still have trouble grasping words and writing for several hours afterwards at home.

* Instead of 0% – 20%, my energy levels are between 60% – 80% now, and I take my pup for lovely Nature walks daily.

* I don’t get headaches as often, and only rarely get “shooting star” pains through my brain.

* I am sleeping better, with insomnia only occurring once or twice a week, instead of every night.


My reactions around cell phones and Wi-Fi have actually worsened over time. A lot worse. So has working on my computer, even though it is wired – the EMFs still emit.

(This article should have only taken me an hour or two to type up, but it has taken weeks, as I can only do small spurts at a time. Even with my EMF protective shield on my computer, if I stay on too long, my face will swell up, go beet red, and my jaw and cheeks will go numb for at least an hour after using it.)

Having the work on my wired computer become more difficult is deeply concerning, as so much in today’s world requires its use, and I would hate to lose Facebook, as it is one of my few connections to the outside world where I don’t feel so alone.

(I use a wired DSL computer with wired mouse and wired keyboard – works just fine. You don’t NEED wireless, you just LIKE wireless. Like crack cocaine, EMFs have proven to be addictive. Take a look at people around you in a restaurant staring down at their phones for that to be clearly obvious.)

My brain pain and disorientation around cell phones has also worsened, which is truly alarming now. I never use my cell phone anymore except when I am forced to text someone because they can’t be reached any other way, or for an emergency when out.

Weekends are harder, because even though my location is remote, I can still feel when my few neighbors are home on their computers. In NY this was horrible. In my present remote location it is not as bad. (People with EHS do not all have the exact same symptoms. They vary widely with a person’s genetics, work ad environmental stresses, amounts of wireless exposure through the years, etc.)

Some of my current neighbors use wood stoves to heat their homes, or burn their yard cuttings, and the smoke is brutal for me. So is the diesel exhaust from local vehicles. Fortunately, my area does not get a lot of traffic each day, but I have to bring a ventilator mask for the truck exhausts when I walk my dog.

I have an 18-year-old car, and pray it will last me the rest of my life, as any car made after 2007 with wireless technology is a huge no-no. My car dealership is 1 1/2 hours away, and I have to bring someone with me if I go there, as I don’t know if I will be able to drive there and back safely with the severe pain in my brain that appears whenever I drive through cell tower areas. Three hours of driving through cell towers is more than difficult. It’s scary.

Trying to find work has been almost impossible. I can no longer work regularly as a massage therapist, because I can’t be in most buildings and 22 years of massage oils going through my liver via my skin has caused issues. I only give some at home for friends and family.

I have my Nature photography on a wonderful site where people may order incredible products made from my photos, but few do and I cannot afford financially or physically to be on the computer marketing that site.

I tried a cold-calling phone sales position for a wonderful company, but nearly every call ended with the potential customer saying, “OK, please send me an email” – some of the worst words a person with EHS can hear. I was on my computer constantly sending emails back and forth for many months, which was terrible for my health… and had to stop.

Needless to say, I worry constantly about money. When you can’t physically go into buildings or use a computer throughout the day or be around anyone with a cell phone on in today’s world, work choices are extremely limiting, to say the least.

In this new life of almost total solitary confinement I miss so many things, like these admittedly first-world delights in no particular order:

* getting my hair cut

* getting a manicure or pedicure

* going to restaurants

* getting massages

* swimming in the ocean or salt water pools

* travel to visit friends, family, and wonderful places far from the beautiful place where I now live

* being able to go to a funeral of a loved one – like my stepmother, who passed away last year

* going to a movie theater

* going shopping

* attending a wedding or any other event

* going to art exhibits, farmer’s markets, concerts, or anything where there will be people with their cell phones on, possible Wi-Fi, and cell towers along the way to get there

* the list goes on and on

NOTE: I wrote much of this story prior to the advent of the Coronavirus. I was “sheltering in place” for a year and a half before it hit the United States. Now many of you have experienced my day-to-day reality. The difference is one day you will go back to doing the things mentioned above. Short of wireless technology disappearing off the face of the earth and above it, I never will.

When I first discovered this incredibly touching and profound article titled “I Am An EMF Refugee,” written by another EHS sufferer, Notre Dame graduate Alison Main, I literally sobbed with relief knowing I was not alone.

In it she writes: “In living my very own dystopian novel, I’ve discovered a hidden network of EHS comrades around the globe. Former designers, lawyers, bankers, pilots, teachers, students: brilliant, accomplished, hard-working, highly educated individuals of all ages who have been forced to leave their career, school, home, family, friends, and community, their financial worth, their entire reality, to go off the grid in order to heal. To seek peace within their bodies, to make the pain stop, to be able to breathe again, think again, sleep again, exist again.”

Unfortunately, you don’t hear much from the millions of people now running for their lives from wireless technology and electrical sensitivity, because most find using a computer or cell phone too painful. They are not on social media like I am, typing through the pain, trying to get the word out – even at the expense of my own health by doing so.

Just as I was in New York, they are frantic and terrified, desperate to find and afford a safe space.

Here is a link to a brilliant film Dr. Joseph Mercola has on his website that discusses their/our plight. Please take the time to watch it, as it has so many important pieces of information for YOU.

As Dr. Mercola says, “Whether you feel it or not, damage is occurring. In one sense, people with EHS have an advantage, as the distinct discomfort makes them take proactive steps to avoid exposure, while everyone else remains oblivious.”

By going public about my EHS/MCS, I have been contacted privately by a number of people also suffering. The common thread is none of us believed it could happen to us… until it did.

The stories are heart-wrenching… like one friend who has turned everything electrical off in her apartment including her stove, heat, and air conditioning. She crawls into her closet each night praying she will be able to get at least some hours of sleep there.

Or another who has been living out of her car for six years, parking outside homes of friends and using their bathrooms until there is too much technology in the neighborhood and she has to move on. She is not eligible yet for Social Security and is out of money.

Or another also out of work and money who does not know how she can even afford the move to a safe place if she is fortunate enough to find one. I was lucky. Right after I moved I turned 62 and was able to immediately take early Social Security, even though my plan all along had been to wait. Although my income is now under the poverty level, it is way better than nothing.

Those who are younger than me do not have that option. It is difficult and degrading for these once very successful people to need government assistance, food stamps, etc.

The EHS sufferers I know and the many I have read about have thus far all been, like me, high achievers in life. Well educated go-getters, earning good incomes, and some of the first to use personal computers and cell phones when they were introduced to the public.

I was an interior designer when those brick-sized cell phones first came out, and was very proud to have one glued to my ear much of the time. As insane then as “smart” phones glued to ears are now.

What this tells me is those of us with diagnosed EHS are the canaries in the coal mine.

As more and more people get exposed over longer periods of time, EHS will be the norm, not the exception… and will be occurring at younger and younger ages.

I also feel very strongly that millions of people are already suffering the effects of EHS, but their doctors don’t consider that. Instead they throw drugs at the EHS sufferer’s health issues to “help” – only making things worse.

Sadly, nothing will help except escaping the EMFs. (If you could see and hear the EMF pollution that surrounds you most of the time in today’s world, it would be both blinding and deafening.)

Yes, there are items like EMF computer shields, protective jewelry and clothing, and all kinds of other “helpers.” These items are band-aids that may help a bit for a while, but once a person hits the tipping point, are of no use any more. (Some of the clothing actually makes the suffering worse. I expensively found that out the hard way, with no way to return the items.)

Want to know if you are EMF sensitive? It’s easy. Do you have any of these common symptoms caused by EMFs?

Neurological – headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, weakness, tremors, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, altered reflexes, muscle and joint pain, leg/foot pain, “flu-like” symptoms, fever. More severe reactions can include seizures, paralysis, psychosis, and stroke.

Cardiac – palpitations, arrhythmias, pain or pressure in the chest, low or high blood pressure, slow or fast heart rate, shortness of breath.

Respiratory – sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma.

Dermatological – skin rash, itching, burning, facial flushing, ophthalmologic pain or burning in the eyes, pressure in/behind the eyes, deteriorating vision, floaters, cataracts.

Auditory – chirping, buzzing, or ringing in the ears, hearing loss.

Others – multiple chemical sensitivities; digestive problems; abdominal pain; enlarged thyroid; testicular/ovarian pain; sexual dysfunction; dryness of lips, tongue, mouth, eyes; great thirst; dehydration; nosebleeds; internal bleeding; elevated blood sugar; immune system abnormalities; redistribution of metals within the body; hair loss; pain in the teeth; deteriorating fillings; impaired sense of smell; light sensitivity, a feeling of being “electrocuted” or “buzzing” from within.

Now, go to an area in Nature far from any cell towers, buildings, and people. Stay as long as you can, and notice how you feel there. Be sure your cell phone is completely turned off, and nowhere near you.

If you feel even just a little bit better, you have some form of EHS. Period.

It is estimated that 3% of the world’s population suffers with full-blown EHS – but those are the documented cases, with doctors only beginning to learn about this. I believe that percentage to be at least 10% or higher for people experiencing aspects of the disease.

Many of you reading this think you feel OK, because you forget, or, if born after a certain date, don’t even know how good you can feel without wireless technology.

You may not listen to me, just as I did not listen to Jim all those years… and I paid mightily for that. I pray you never hit the tipping point, but many of you will.

Perhaps all of you, once 5G is fully rolled out. Scientific studies show negative effects of 5G start being seen immediately, and especially six months after 5G exposure. Conservative estimates are that 50% – 70% of the world’s population will develop EHS from that exposure.

We have had a steady increase since 1973 of cancers, autism, compromised immune systems, sterility, anxiety and depression, Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, and on and on. Of course there are many other contributors, like unhealthy foods, stress, toxic chemicals and pesticides, drugs, etc., but these all existed before 1973, when the first wireless cellphone was released.

Look at the continually rising numbers of suicide, depression, asthma, chronic headaches, cancer, heart attacks, insomnia, chemical sensitivities, sexual dysfunction, sterility, bee colony collapses, the decline of birds, butterflies, and fireflies, since then – and especially since 2007 when the first iPhone was introduced.

You can lay graphs of these on top of each other, and they are all almost identical in the upward trajectories at each of those two years – 1973 and 2007. My guess is we will be seeing huge spikes in all of these and other illnesses from 2019-2022 as 5G is deployed globally.

When I was young, one in several hundred people got cancer. Currently in America it is one in every two men and one in every three women… and Americans now think this is “normal.” This is NOT normal, and so preventable through a healthy, organic, non-GMO plant-based diet, drinking plenty of pure water daily, using non-toxic products, managing stress, and little to no EMF exposure!!!

60% of U.S. adults are taking side-effect laden medications, and 12 1/2% are on drugs for five or more health conditions!!! No, this is NOT normal. Neither is the growing rate of Alzheimer’s Disease in young people. I can go on and on. We humans have strayed so far from Nature, and we are paying dearly for it.

Your body loves you and will fight fires for as long as it possibly can, just as mine did, but it can only take so much. At some point it will say “no more,” just as mine did.

Things will only get worse the more exposed to the frequencies you are, so PLEASE start taking these and other precautions NOW:

1. Unplug your Wi-Fi at home and at work, and go back to wired systems. Ironically, fiber optics are far faster than 5G will ever be, and light years safer. At the very least, completely unplug your Wi-Fi at night. Friends who have done so all report better, deeper sleep patterns for themselves and their children.

2. Turn your cell phone completely off and only use it for emergencies. Keep it far away in another room when sleeping, and NEVER put it to your ear when talking. Persistent exposures to microwave frequencies like those from cellphones can cause mitochondrial dysfunction and nuclear DNA damage from free radicals produced from peroxynitrite.

Did you know Apple “smart” phones actually continue to talk to Apple even when completely turned off? That is why they must be stored in a safe “GoodNight Bag” when off, like the A470 one found on this page at at (Scroll down, down, down on that page to find it.)

3. NEVER put a cell phone to your head, and if you absolutely must use one, be sure it has a plug-in area for a blue TUBE, (not bluetooth) headset. You can find one here. Plug it in, and put the phone as far away from your body as possible. Studies have shown a 60% increase in brain cancer by those who put their cell phones to their ears on a consistent basis.

As an aside, my meter shows that a cell phone does not even begin to be safe until it is 12 feet away from you, and not totally safe unless at least 30 feet away from you. Yes, 30 feet!!!

4. Go back to a corded, landline phone at home. Do NOT get one with walk-around handsets, as those are wireless. A little extra money for your health by having a landline phone is well worth it.

5. Opt out of the “smart” meter on your home, and tell all your neighbors to do the same as all of theirs within two miles are harming you, too. Even if you have to pay more monthly for someone to come out to read your electrical meter, remember, your health is worth it. Watch the online movie “Take Back Your Power” about “smart” meters and other EMF issues. It is free to watch.

6. If a device says it is “smart,” know it is stupid. Stupid for your health, like a “smart” TV or absolutely anything that runs wirelessly. Make sure the security system on your home is wired, not wireless. Don’t have “smart” appliances. Don’t have a “smart” car. If it is wireless, it is toxic and dangerous. Period.

7. Get a Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter (this is different from the other Rf meter I mentioned above) to test the “dirty electricity” coming out of your wall outlets at home and work. Then purchase enough Greenwave Filters needed per circuit to minimize this toxic electric pollution. Your microsurge meter should read below 50 to be considered safe. It doesn’t matter how old or new your home is – the readings are random depending on the output from your electrical company.

NOTE: I get no financial kickback from any product I recommend. Wish I did! I merely am putting these links in to help YOU stay safer through my many years of research and trials of various products, both personally and for my former wellness shop.

8. Keep your children away from cell phones, tablets, laptops, and all wireless devices. Their brains are not fully developed, and the harm from these devices is now being discovered to lessen intelligence, create childhood cancers, increase anger, anxiety, and depression in young children and teens, and even greatly reduce the areas of compassion in the brain, particularly in teenage boys.

In 2012 the World Health Organization stated increased cell phone use equalled increased brain tumors in all ages. Another ten year, 30 million dollar study showed cell phones can cause childhood cancer as children’s brain tissues are more absorbent to microwave radiation.

Watch the movie “Generation Zapped,” and encourage your children to play in Nature instead.

9. Keep your pets away from wireless technology, too. They are being affected, as we are seeing higher and higher cancer rates in pets, too, since 1973, when Motorola introduced the first cell phone… and especially after 2007, when the first iPhone was released.

10. If you have any amalgam (metal) fillings or metal of any kind in your teeth, get it all removed by a dentist who practices safe means for mercury and metal extractions. You can literally be attracting EMFs when you have metal in your mouth, or metal implants of any kind anywhere in your body, such as metal mesh, metal joint replacements, etc. You want to avoid becoming a walking antennae.

11. Learn grounding. It may sound woo-woo, but this is real. The earth has negative ions that can offset the harmful build-up of positive ions. Go barefoot on the earth for at least half an hour each day, if you can. The first ten minutes may feel calming, the second ten minutes may feel agitating, and the final ten minutes most likely will bring a better feeling overall. Sand at the beach is the best grounding material, yet all barefoot connections directly to our Mother Earth are beneficial.

12. Get quality sleep. Use an eye mask or dark curtains to block all bedroom light – and NO electronics of any kind in that room, of course! “Electromagnetic radiation appears to interfere with the production of melatonin, a hormone that is normally produced in the body. Low melatonin levels have already been linked to several diseases, including cancers. Recent research indicates that serotonin production can also be affected by EMFs.” (Electromagnetic Radiation Health and Safety Watch, 2020)

“Melatonin is a hormone made naturally by your body. It is produced by the pineal gland in the brain, but also found in other areas, such as the eyes, bone marrow, and gut. It is often called the “sleep hormone,” as high levels help you fall asleep.” (

13. Swim in salt water as often as possible to help ground you. If the ocean or a saltwater pool is not available to you, take epsom salt baths regularly.

14. Sell your new car, and buy or lease an old one with no wireless technology. Don’t use a cell phone in a car as a car is a metal box containing the EMFs. If you absolutely MUST use your cell phone in the car, (never while driving, of course), put all the windows down while in use. Then completely turn the phone off when finished with your call and place it back into the “GoodNight Bag” mentioned above.

15. Get a metal roof put on your home to help protect you from the 5G satellites. When the satellites are fully deployed, the roof will most likely also need to be grounded with a grounding cord. Here is one link among many discussing EMFs and metal roofing.

16. Go back to incandescent light bulbs indoors. CFLs and LEDs negatively affect the brain, nervous system, etc. (In my 2013 “The Power of Know” book I incorrectly wrote that LEDs are OK. They are not. At the time we were all enchanted with their energy savings, but saving dollars is not worth your health.) Please see this link and this link to learn all about light bulb issues, their radiation levels, etc.

Best of all, check out Solatubes at Prepare to be AMAZED. I sold Solatubes for years, had 17 of them in a previous home, and can vouch for how incredible they are as they bring all-natural sunlight into your home all day long with no fading, heat, leaking, bugs, etc. They are remarkable.

17. Be wary of anti-EMF products like clothing, jewelry, free-standing devices, certain stones and crystals, etc. After spending literally thousands of dollars though the years desperate for relief, my experience has been that only a few actually help… and once you hit the tipping point, nothing works except escaping the EMF overload in your life. Some “anti-EMF” products can actually exacerbate your issues, so be very careful. For example, anti-EMF hats and caps can be especially harmful for many people, as they can trap the EMFs inside your head.

18. Eat a healthy, organic, non-GMO, plant-based diet, and drink plenty of pure water daily. Use non-toxic cleaning and body products. (Anything you put on your skin is in your bloodstream within ten minutes. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on you!) You will find many other helpful tips around what is healthy to eat and use for your body and home in my “The Power of Know” book.

19. Get educated about all wireless technology. At the end of this article I am posting many links to help you get started. Follow people like Dr. Martin Pall, scientist and journalist Arthur Firstenberg, filmmaker Josh del Sol, (download this pdf from Josh to help you stay safer), and other experts on wireless dangers.

These are not issues where you can afford to stick your head in the sand. Help others get educated, too, particularly the “powers-that-be” who are making decisions without our consent around these devices and technologies.

Your life depends on it. All life on earth depends on it.


But wait, there’s more.

I almost died from 3G and 4G.

Now we ALL have to contend with 5G – a completely different and terrifying animal. 5G is not just “faster 4G.” 5G is a horrifically more powerful radiation nightmare being installed globally without our consent, despite all the evidence of its harm. IT MUST BE STOPPED ASAP.

5G IS THE #1 ISSUE OF OUR TIME, even above the Coronavirus and climate change, and it is contributing heavily to both.

“We are in a world in which all of us are crisis fatigued. There are many people who say to me, ‘You know, I can’t deal with this.’ I understand that. The fact is this is the biggest crisis that we face. We face others that are also very large, but not nearly as large as this one. The EMFs are rapidly destroying our brain function, our reproductive function, the DNA of our cells, our hormone system, our hearts, and many other parts of our bodies. If we don’t stop them very quickly, we’ll be gone. It’s as simple as that. I know that everybody’s dealing with all other kinds of crises and I’m not saying they’re not important. What I am saying is this is the most important of them all, because we are facing multiple imminent existential threats to our survival.”

– Dr. Martin Pall, PhD, February 25, 2020

Since 5G does not travel through walls well, the powers-that-be in America are installing mini-cell towers every 200′ across America on existing lamp and telephone poles, or directly on homes without owner consent. Each one is like standing in front of an open microwave oven at full blast 24/7, they are aesthetically ugly and drop property values, and create all kinds of surveillance and privacy issues.

In addition, the American FCC, headed by a former Verizon lawyer, has approved the launching of over 50,000+ 5G satellites to beam 5G across every inch of the earth, so there will be no safe space. Elon Musk has already been gleefully sending up 60 such satellites per month for several months at this writing.

The FCC has approved this with ZERO safety studies, even though hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies show 5G to be extremely dangerous to all life on earth. They admit no studies have been funded by the FCC nor the telecom industry, and that none are planned.

The telecom industry has perfected the disinformation strategies previously employed by the tobacco industry, the manufacturers of DDT, asbestos, etc. – all once said to be safe when the manufacturers knew they were not.

Think about it. A majority of the 7.8 BILLION people on earth now own a cell phone. The carriers stand to make a LOT of money by convincing everyone they now need to buy a new phone with 5G capability.

Please don’t.

Even the telecom site workers I speak with know the technology is dangerous, and grapple with the moral dilemma of installing poison for all humanity and life on earth while trying to feed their families.

A 30 year electrical engineer I spoke with said he and his colleagues have known about the life-threatening harm of wireless technology for decades. He, too, said 5G will be the end of all life on earth as we know it. He also talked about the global surveillance and privacy issues associated with it.

This is sheer insanity, and a plethora of scientists in the know are calling 5G a “civilization ending event.” Remember, we are all electrical beings meant to work in harmony with the electrical energy of the earth. Every bird, bee, your cat or dog… every single being works in a vibrational energy in harmony with the earth.

In my opinion, “Mankind” should be renamed “Mancruel,” because we are knowingly destroying that delicate electrical and vibrational relationship and therefore harming all life… for money, greed, and power.

If any article you find says 5G is totally safe, just follow the money. Even insurance underwriters are refusing to cover the wireless industry for any health-related issues. This should alarm you.

5G relies primarily on the bandwidth of the millimeter wave, known to cause a painful burning sensation. It had also been linked to eye and heart problems, suppressed immune function, genetic damage, and fertility problems, among many other health issues.

South Korea, which has had 5G for some time, has seen an alarming reduction in births nationwide, and sperm counts are now below 50% in many developed countries that have 5G.

I find it telling that Covid-19 killed so many people in the ground zero Wuhan region of China and the Hubei Province where 5G was rolled out in May of 2019 – the first rollout of 5G in the world.

5G is known to greatly suppress the immune system – critical to fighting any virus.

I am not alone in the thinking that 5G is the elephant in the room, making the Coronavirus situation far worse. Not as the original cause of the virus, but as a dangerous exacerbation. Please read this blog post all the way down, down, down. It is one of many articles and videos connecting the dots.

Interestingly, Taiwan, so close to China, does not have 5G, and has relatively few positive cases of Coronavirus and deaths from Covid-19. Sadly, they plan to roll out 5G in July of 2020.

In America and around the world, 5G small cell towers were installed in large quantities during the Coronavirus lockdown on telephone poles, light poles, elementary schools, etc. – while nobody was able to be outside demonstrating against these installations.

(There have been lawsuits for several years about dramatic increases in childhood cancer when a cell tower is near an elementary school.)

The telecom carriers are hiding mini-cell towers in church steeples, silos, fake palm and evergreen trees and large cacti, flag poles, church bell towers, art sculptures, large church crosses, etc. Anything to fool the public. Alarming.

Unfortunately, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., are now taking down pretty much anything informative and/or negative about 5G as soon as it is put up, no matter how credible the scientists and doctors writing or filming the material – which should also alarm you immensely.

Although this feels like David vs. Goliath, know there is hope – IF humanity wakes up very, very quickly and stops this madness.

The good news is that millions of people worldwide are waking up!

Again, EHS is a recognized disease with disability payments in Sweden. Brussels has stopped 5G for now. So has Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, and Slovenia, for health reasons. Haifa, Israel, has disconnected Wi-Fi in all schools and kindergartens in the city.

Many cities in Northern California and around the world are fighting to have 5G blocked, with Mill Valley already successfully doing so.

Other cities such as Santa Barbara, CA, Keene, NH, Hallandale Beach, FL, Greendale, WI, Easton, CT, and Farragut, TN all have moratoriums on 5G deployment until safety studies can prove that there will be no harm to human health.

Two major lawsuits hit the FCC against 5G in early 2020 – one from the law firm of Erin Brockovich, and the other by the Children’s Health Defense Organization.

There are thousands upon thousands of articles, scientific studies, movies, and videos online about the dangers of 5G, with more and more coming online daily.

There are many as well about safer ways to still have our technological gadgets. Look for articles on SafeG vs. 5G.

Real estate developers could make a fortune creating affordable safe zone communities off the grid where wireless is not allowed and no cell towers ever placed within miles of them. Millions of people around the world are literally running for their lives searching for such places.

There are a few locations currently, but they are full. They have also been created by people without much funding, so they are very stark, and frankly, quite depressing.

Such desperately needed safe zones may not be built in time for me, however, so I am sorting out all my papers and belongings to make things easier for my family in case I don’t survive 5G.

I have wonderful Godparents (Dogparents) set up for my beloved sweet pup, and neighbors have agreed to take care of him if necessary until those Godparents can travel from upstate NY to pick him up.

Actively preparing for my possible imminent death as 5G continues to roll out is so ironic for someone who almost never even gets a cold, gave up everything to save her life, worked so hard to feel alive again, and is functional enough now to still be of some value to society.

I try to not be angry at the fact that I could be dead in a year or two simply because people refuse to see what is happening all around them, to change their addiction from wireless to wired, and because our government refuses to look at scientific evidence and warnings before radiating us all without our consent, pleasing corporate interests instead.

Again, if everyone could live just one day in my body, there would be absolutely no question for anyone about how terribly real this is.

If you snicker at that, well, I am used to being laughed at and ignored.

For example, for my love of all creatures, I became a vegetarian 47 years ago at age 16, long before it was considered “cool,” or had the acknowledged health benefits. Even to this day, people make fun of me about it… yet even Jim says I never would have physically survived all I have been through up to this point without staying true to that choice all these years.

When I was a flight attendant for United AirLines, I was the first person at that company to start a petition against smoking on airplanes, after I discovered my lungs looked like I smoked two packs a day even though I had never tried a cigarette in my life. Everyone said I was crazy to try to stop the insanity of smoking being allowed on airplanes. It took years for the world to wake up about the dangers of smoking and create smoke-free planes and other public areas… but they did.

This time, though, people can’t afford to laugh at or ignore me for one more minute. Humanity and our precious earth can’t sustain what is being thrust upon it. Waking up to what is happening to us all is critical.

My disbelieving family members will tell you I have just always been sensitive – in body, mind, and spirit. As a little girl I was sensitive to loud noises, violence of any kind, (including on TV), injustice to any being or creature… and yes, EHS and MCS take those sensitivities to a whole new level.

Yet, thanks to the 5G satellites being deployed, every single being on planet Earth is now being subjected to its harmful technology. It is only a matter of time before everyone on earth will be suffering some or many aspects of EHS.

EHS also makes one very prone to heart attacks and/or strokes… and there were a number of times in New York I felt close to having one or both. If 5G comes to my area and all those horrific New York symptoms return, (or worse), I don’t know how I can possibly survive that.

I can’t bear the thought of going through the living hell of that horrific pain and anguish ever again, knowing this time there may be no person or means to help me get to a potentially safe place far from humanity… and then possibly being even more alone than I already am.

This is not depression talking, just acknowledging reality. I do not fear death. In many ways, I welcome it. Living this new paradigm is not easy.

However, I don’t want to die just yet.

I still have dreams.

I dream of sharing whatever time I have left with a loving, kind, enlightened, naturally health-conscious, strong, fun, intelligent, worldly, accomplished, dog-loving, understanding life-partner who can fix things… who wants to hike with me in Nature, rub my feet, laugh with me, play Scrabble, sing harmonies together, and hold me in his arms while we dance in the living room.

Someone whom I can nurture, massage, and love in limited, yet profound ways… and we find joy and peace together in what is left of our lives.

I dream that we will live mainly off the grid, far from all wireless technology, on hundreds of beautiful acres far from the madding crowd, with a creek running through the property, beautiful views and walking paths, incredible natural quiet, and a salt-water swimming pool.

I still dream of somehow visiting natural, beautiful places on earth to experience and photograph.

I still dream of seeing my grandnieces and grandnephews grow up, even if it it is only through Facebook as they live so far from me. I pray all the time they will one day want to and be able to visit me, along with so many other of my dear friends and family.

I still dream of all 325 of “my children” at the all-volunteer school I co-founded and built in Uganda getting loving sponsors. (

I dream of seeing the small twigs I painstakingly planted in my yard grow into tall, thriving, beautiful flowering bushes and trees.

I still dream of contributing somehow to the betterment of humanity, all creatures, and Mother Earth.

I also dream of figuring out a way to transmute the negative, harmful energy currently circling the world and my body into positive, healing energy for all.

In the meantime, my life and daily needs are small and simple now.

Food, clothing, shelter, Nature, exercise, health, writing, reading, photography, and connection – both human and furry.

Yet it is still a Very Big Life – just in a much different way than before.

I am grateful that for now the square mile my sweet pup Sunday and I walk on our mountain nearly every day is cell-tower free, and filled with constantly-changing beauty to fill the soul, clean air to breathe, wonderful, clear water babbling in our creek, and a night sky filled with stars unhampered by city lights.

If nothing else, EHS has given me an opportunity to re-evaluate what REALLY matters in life. It is not the jobs, the clothes, the homes, the jewelry, the parties, the gadgets, the awards, the accolades, the stress…

It is the deep communion with Nature, the connection to all life on earth, the health and well-being of ALL, (not just some), and the beauty that exists all around us if we just stop for a while to breathe and look.

I spent much of my life chasing after dreams.

Now I simply dream of being alive without pain, filled with positive energy, and enjoying each day in a safe place in Nature – ideally with a beloved life partner – for many years to come.

That will be miracle #3.

Please don’t feel sorry for me.

I have come to peace with it all – even my death, if that is what happens.

Instead, shun all wireless technology, so you don’t become me.

I know, I know. You are still probably thinking this could never happen to YOU. I didn’t either… until it did.

PLEASE – take my story and this urgent warning to heart. Do the things I say to do in this piece to help your body now before it gets worse.

Please also share this writing with everyone you know.

It has taken everything I have to write this article and type it up. What once would have taken me a week or two to write, took months. What once would have taken me a few hours to type, took weeks.

I should not be on a computer for so long… and every time I am it feels like a nail in my coffin, as even wired devices, although much better than wireless, emit EMFs.

Yet if it helps even just one person discover the truth of why they don’t feel well, and/or prevent illness, then it has been worth the writing of it.

PLEASE help me. Send info fighting 5G to your local, state, and federal representatives, to newscasters, to Elon Musk, to presidential candidates, to the heads of carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, to celebrities, to your neighbors, to the WORLD.

Click this LINK to easily contact your representatives. Email is already written for you. Just take one minute to put in your info and your representatives will be contacted. Click this LINK to open a variety of other easy ways to take action. Visit all the links below to learn more.

Advocate for fiber optic wired technology instead of wireless, and returning to wired phones and devices wherever possible.

Please also read “The Honey Bee’s Plea” at the end of this article.

There is so little time left to right these terrible wireless wrongs and save us all.

Thank you.

Sending you love, light, peace, and HEALTH, Kathy ♥♥♥

A beautiful example of synchronistic wonder from Kathy:Just as I finished writing this article, I was guided to a site where a wonderful woman spoke about her new book “Sensitive” about EHS. I ordered the book, and discovered a twin EHS soul sister in the author, Tanja Bulatovic. Just as with Alison Main’s EMF refugee article, tears sprung from my eyes as I read Tanja’s personal story and insights, mirroring mine in so many ways. Everyone who uses or knows someone who uses a cell phone needs to read it. Please get her book.

Kathy, age 63, on a good day at her “pretty prison.”

Kathy Ozzard Chism

Author, Photographer, Wellness Educator

Below are just some of thousands of links, like this LINK, to global articles, scientific studies, videos, and full documentaries about the proven dangers of wireless technology. There are no links here to conspiracy theories.

With so much global proof about EMFs harming humans and all life on earth, doesn’t it make common sense to have a moratorium on rolling out 5G, more cell towers, and satellites until all the people allowing this can be educated?

We Americans and other citizens of the world are unwilling guinea pigs at this point with no voice. The “powers-that-be” are playing Russian Roulette with all our lives. This is insanity.

Whatever happened to “First, Do No Harm?” Education is OUR power, and our only hope. Please pass this information on to everyone you can. Thank you.

NOTE: If you click on a link and it is not there, know that the “powers that be” have removed it to try to stop people from learning the truth. As of this writing all these links are active and available.



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THE HONEY BEE’S PLEA by Arthur Firstenberg

The honey bee has been speaking to us for over one hundred and fourteen years. Its numbers ever diminishing, its message ever more urgent, it waits for a sleeping world to finally listen. “Now!” it says. “Wake up before it’s too late, there is no more time!”

On the Isle of Wight, off the southern coast of England, Giuglielmo Marconi built the world’s first permanent radio station. And the bees’ first warning to humanity was heard. “They are often to be seen crawling up grass stems, or up the supports of the hive, where they remain until they fall back to the earth from sheer weakness, and soon afterwards die,” wrote Augustus Imms of Christ’s College, Cambridge in 1906.

Ninety percent of the bees had already vanished from the entire island. Unable to find a cause, he called it, simply, Isle of Wight disease. Swarms of healthy bees were imported from the mainland, but it was of no use: within a week the fresh bees were dying off by the thousands.

The description, more than a century later, is exactly the same. On November 19, 2019, a 5G antenna was placed 250 meters from Angela’s house in Melbourne, Australia. “I photographed the new mast going onto the cell tower,” she writes, “and the next day, I was in the driveway talking to our carpenter, and we saw bees dropping on the driveway, then dying. I managed to film one trying to collect pollen, but it was hanging upside down and could not seem to make it to the center of the flower. Then it rolled off the petals to the ground.”

Today, two months later, their beautiful garden, full of old world trees and plants, is silent and barren. “We have no insects — none,” wrote Angela last week. “Our kumquat once laden all year has no new fruit coming. No olives on the way on our olive tree so laden last year. We dug soil yesterday — no worms either — nothing — all gone. I walked the dog late tonight. It was dark and a poor magpie was down the street under a street lamp hoping for a cricket, I think. It was silent. I took birdseed back but the bird had gone — it must be hungry to be out at night.”

In the midst of plenty the bees are starving to death. In 2009, Neelima Kumar, at Panjab University in India, placed cell phones in some bee hives and turned them on for ten minutes. The concentrations of glucose, cholesterol, total carbohydrates, total lipids, and total proteins rose precipitously in the bees’ blood. After just ten minutes’ exposure to a cell phone, the bees were not able to digest their food, or use the oxygen they were breathing. Their metabolism had come to a standstill.

Wake up!” say the bees.

Wake up!” said parents with their children who assembled last Saturday at the Church on the Roundabout in Newport on the Isle of Wight to protest plans to turn their island into a Smart Island — to bring Isle of Wight disease back to the island of its birth.

Radio waves are poison to life. They penetrate skin and bones, cell walls, and mitochondria. They prevent electrons from our food from combining with the oxygen we breathe. They give us diabetes, and heart disease, and cancer. They disorient migratory birds, and they kill outright tiny forms of life that pollinate flowers and have high rates of metabolism.

In the mid-1990s, the invisible fire that Marconi had lit became a conflagration. For the first time in human history, radio waves began to be broadcast not only from tall towers scattered widely across the landscape, but from the hands of men, women, and children everywhere. And in 2020 this has brought us to the brink of extinction — not just of bees, and not just of humanity, but of all life on Earth.

Which do we want more: our cell phones or our planet? There is only one sane answer. I ask all of you who are reading this newsletter to join with me in putting this world back on a path to survival by throwing away your cell phones, now, today.

Not next year, and not tomorrow. Today. There is no other option. Tomorrow we can deal, if we dare, with climate change. But if we are to have time to answer that urgent call, we must first deal with this emergency. We must extinguish this fire.

I vote for life. Do you?