Welcome To My World – My Top Ten Tips To Help You “Shelter In Place”

As someone who for the last year and a half has been “sheltering in place” with my sweet rescue pup deep in the Smoky Mountains far from any friends and family due to EHS* and MCS**, I have become an expert on many of the feelings, losses, emotions, and thoughts you are likely to experience during this time of Coronavirus distancing.

Here are ten of the many things I have learned in my time here that may help you – practically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually – in no particular order:

1. If you have a car you are not using often, run it enough each week to keep the battery charged. This means every 3-4 days, and physically drive it at least six miles. Idling does not count for battery charging.

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“Magical Carriage” Photo by Kathy Ozzard Chism

2. Staying at home for work, homeschooling, etc., puts you in an even more intense wireless radiation soup than normal in your own house. Wireless technology is not your friend. The more addicted to it you are, the less well you will feel over time, and it depletes your immune system – vital for combating viruses.

(If you could see and hear what is emitting all around you from your wireless devices, Wi-Fi, “smart” meter on your home, nearby cell towers, etc., it would be both blinding and deafening.)

To lessen the radiation levels, change to a wired computer, wired mouse, and wired keyboard. Turn your Wi-Fi completely off by unplugging it, and use only when absolutely necessary.  Wired devices are far safer.

Be sure to always have anything wireless and all Wi-Fi turned off at night to improve sleep and melatonin levels. (Don’t have any electronics like a TV in your bedroom, either, for that same reason.)

Return to using a landline corded phone – not one with a walkaround headset. Convenience is never worth risking your health. Use your cell phone only for emergencies.

Also know that 5G is a factor in suppressing the body’s immune response to viral infections, and can make them more lethal – in everyone. (Wuhan, China, was one of several Chinese cities where early 5G trials took place, and has been fully on there since November, 2019.)

Do all you can to avoid 5G, and help stop it from coming into your community. Please see the two links at end of this article regarding 5G immune system harm taken from thousands of global, peer-reviewed, scientific studies regarding dangerous health, environmental, privacy, and surveillance issues with 5G.

(Mobile phone carriers, certain news outlets, and the FCC, which is headed up by a former Verizon lawyer, will tell you 5G is safe, totally ignoring these studies. Follow the money.)

Cell Wave Photo

3. The loss of physical human contact can take a severe toll – both physically and emotionally. As a former nationally certified massage therapist and instructor, I am keenly aware from myriad studies that touch deprivation can be deadly over time. Stay strong. Know this virus will not last forever, and one day we will all return to giving and receiving hugs and caring touch again.

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“Sheep Whispers” Photo by Kathy Ozzard Chism

4. Learn new and necessary skills. As almost all buildings are too toxic and dangerous for me due to Wi-Fi, chemical fragrances, so many people in them with their cell phones on, etc., over the last year and a half I have been forced to: cut my own hair, do my own nails, never eat in a restaurant, never go to a movie theater, never get into a car built after 2007 as they now all have wireless technology, (my car is 18 years old), never fly in an airplane even though I once had my private pilot’s license, never go on a boat if it has wireless technology on board, never attend a school reunion, not go into any homes, (unless the owners agree to completely turn their Wi-Fi and cell phones off and do not use any toxic fake fragrances on their bodies and in their laundry – especially those endocrine disrupting and hazardous dryer sheets… and even with all that only if I don’t have to drive through too many cell tower locations to get there), and never go into any stores except the grocery store because nobody delivers where I currently live.

As an EMF (electromagnetic field) refugee, I couldn’t even travel to another state to attend my stepmother’s memorial service last year, which was devastating.  This reality also means I will most likely never see most of my family and friends again, unless they are willing to visit me.

I can’t count the tears I have cried over this.

The only option for everyone during this time of separation is to learn new skills, not care if your hair and nails aren’t perfect, and embrace profound acceptance of “what is” in order to deal with so much loss in the “new normal.”

I have had to do this for the last year and a half – and will have to for the rest of my life.

You can do this for a few months or however long the pandemic lasts.

No, it is not easy at all… yet you will find strengths you never knew you had.

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“Sunset New Dawn” Photo and Quote by Kathy Ozzard Chism

5. Being isolated does not mean you can’t get to know your neighbors – outside at a distance, or by phone. This is a perfect opportunity to do so. I have developed lovely friendships with mine, and they are all wonderful people.  Unless forced to stay in an apartment during a city lockdown, it also doesn’t mean you can’t get out into Nature and meet some of your more “wild” neighbors!  The more you can be outdoors communing with Nature, the better.

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“Cows In A Smoky Mountain Pasture” Photo by Kathy Ozzard Chism

6. Not being able to work in buildings or for extended periods of time on a computer – even a wired one – has been a gigantic financial loss and hardship for me. When forced to live on very little money, one begins to conserve even more than before.

Just as with current product shortages in stores, one learns to be extremely careful in using what one has, recycling everything one can, planting an organic garden if one has the land to do so to help with food costs and availability… and all these things will not only help you, but our beloved Planet Earth as well as we save trees and other precious resources.

Embrace doing these things for the good of all life, and make them new, lasting habits.

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“Bluebird of Happiness” Photo by Kathy Ozzard Chism

7. Come to a place of peace about the possibility of your own death. If you don’t have one yet, make a will immediately. Set up Godparents for your children and pets. If you live alone, tell someone you trust where important things are, and give them a key to your home.

This is very personal for me, as my new life paradigm has been and continues to be a tremendous lesson in dealing with fear.

For example, I am allergic to bee stings, with only around four minutes to live if stung. Having to live so far away from cell towers in order to function, I have been told calling 911 takes about 40 minutes or more for anyone to show up – and that is not during a national health crisis. Epi-Pens only last ten minutes.

Then there would be the long drive to the hospital in an ambulance filled with wireless technology.

Even worse, due to the horrific overload of EMFs and now 5G in so many hospitals, I can no longer go to a hospital, as just being there would kill me or anyone else with EHS.

(People with EHS – the canaries in the coal mine for humanity and some of the bravest souls I have ever met – typically die of heart attacks or strokes when subjected to EMF overload… even though away from EMFs their hearts and brains are usually completely fine and healthy, just as mine are.)

Instead, I live in a space of taking care of my body as best I can by eating healthy, organic, non-GMO plant-based foods, drinking only pure water, taking daily walks with my pup, resting when needed and not overdoing things, staying away from any technology as much as possible, reading good books, talking with great friends and family by phone, pursuing creative things I love to do, getting out into healing Nature as much as possible, and getting quality sleep.

I have also planted bee-deterring flowers and plants by my front porch, and have installed fake wasp nests around my house to encourage those territorial beings to build their nests elsewhere.  As I do not believe in killing creatures, I have a device in my home and one in my car that gently grabs a wayward insect so I may then release it back into the wild.

I also tell the bees, yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets that I love them – which is true – creating an energy field of “do no harm.”

As for my beloved little rescue pup, I have everything in place for him to be taken care of in case something happens to me.  Prepare for the worst, so whatever may occur will go more smoothly for all involved.

American don’t talk much about death, and I know a lot of people fear it. I don’t. Become friends with it, as it is inevitable at some point. Make necessary preparations in order to give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Then get on with living your life to its fullest.


“Love Many Anyway” Photo Quote by Kathy Ozzard Chism

8. Stay connected to loved ones… by landline phone, not using harmful wireless technology. Please especially call those living alone. Loneliness often leads to depression, which can lead to suicide. (For example, studies have shown at least 50% of EHS sufferers commit suicide from the scary and debilitating physical pain they experience when in the wireless world, the extreme losses and isolation if able to move to a safe location, and the emotional pain of not having many of their friends and families believe them and understand that what they are experiencing is indeed proven and very, very real.)

So many people around the world are losing the art of communication through vocal conversation and its deep healing, joyful, and heart-warming qualities. Don’t be one of them. We all benefit from “in person” connection and support, especially during times like these.


9. See this “shelter-at-home” time as a gift.

Write that book you never had the time to write.

Eat dinner and talk with your family at the dinner table – not in front of the TV – and get to know them on an even deeper level, sans cell phones and interruptions.

Do a puzzle, play Scrabble or Yahtzee with your loved ones, pretend you are camping… without technology. I can almost guarantee if you do this your family will look back at this time as special in many ways.

Sleep in. Take naps. Soak in epsom salt baths.

Meditate.  Breathe.  Do yoga.  Recharge your batteries.

Learn a new language, sing, dance, draw, paint, play a musical instrument.

Clean out those files and closets you have needed to deal with for so long.

Sew protective face masks for health care professionals.  Do whatever you can for others.

Read good, uplifting, educational, positive, enjoyable books – like my “The Power of Know – 30 Days of All-Natural Ways to Heal Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Renew your trust and faith in whatever it is you believe in.

Plant a garden. Walk your dog. Breathe fresh air.

Stop and smell the roses.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 4.01.48 PM

Mountain Roses” Photo by Kathy Ozzard Chism

10. Last, but not least, find at least five things to be grateful for every single day – even it all you can think of some days is how grateful you are you don’t have to wash your clothes on a rock in a stream, or eat locusts because a plague of them is your only food source now, as people in several countries like Uganda in Africa are currently experiencing.

No matter how horrific and scary things are, there are always things to be grateful for… and gratitude is the master key for being connected to Source and all healing.

I AM eternally grateful to the amazing souls who helped me move to where I live now and those who are part of my ability to continue to be here – safe for the time being from cell towers, 5G, so many toxins, etc.

I would not be alive today without those earth angels.  I cannot thank them enough, and love them dearly.

If the sharing of my “tips” here helps even just one person, then it was worth the large EMF load I received to put it online.  Please share this article with anyone whom you think may benefit from it.

KNOW we will get through this difficult time together, no matter what. This pandemic down time is an incredible opportunity for global awakening, healing, love, peace, and a return to Nature’s beauty and wisdom – our literal roots – if WE so choose.

Stay in the light, dear people. We are ONE.

I love you, Kathy 

Kathy and Sunday

Kathy Ozzard Chism, B.A., LMT
Author, Photographer, and Holistic Wellness Educator

P.S. If you would like more tips customized to YOUR life and needs of how to survive and thrive in body, mind, and spirit during a lockdown, quarantine, self-isolation, etc., I am offering 45 minute therapeutic sessions by phone for $50.

Please private message me on Facebook Messenger or via email at kathy@kathychism.com to schedule a personalized session.

*EHS – Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome – a dangerous and life-threatening allergy to wireless technology and EMFs, (electromagnetic fields), with a wide variety of debilitating and painful symptoms.

**MCS – Multiple Chemical Sensitivities – severe reactions to harmful chemicals and toxins such as exhaust fumes, perfumes, fake fragrances, dryer sheets, insecticides, chlorine, cigarettes, wood smoke, new carpeting, new car interiors, etc.  MCS is often a warning signal that EHS will follow.

1) 70 study summary on immune system effects of EMF (2007 report by Dr. Olle Johansson): https://tinyurl.com/thuvc7x (the most applicable part starts at page 23)

2) Another 59 study summary on immune system effects of EMF (2012 report by Dr. Yury Grigoriev): https://tinyurl.com/ttdcknw

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“Our Highest Good” Photo and Quote by Kathy Ozzard Chism